When Street Style Became The Only Style

Image by JAK&JIL.

This happened around five or six years ago. Every day, I would sit down in front of my Macbook and start my day off with a daily visit to my favourite street style websites. It was sort of a routine for a young fashion student: Bill Cunningham’s New York Times feature, Sartorialist, Jak & Jil, Streetpeeper, Sea of Shoes and Fashion Toast. To me, these sites served more than just a documentation of what people were wearing; it was a showcase of creativity, of vibrancy and a reminder that fashion lived off the runway as much as it took place on it.

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Diary: How To Survive An H&M Queue

I did it. I survived queuing for an H&M collaborative collection.

The last few months have been just short of insane, so writing anything has been pretty much put on halt. However, as a true Singaporean, I was able to free up enough space amidst my burgeoning workload to queue overnight for the launch of the Maison Martin Margiela collection, which was done in collaboration with fast-fashion giant, H&M. True, the crowd that turned out was not as big as the previous collaborations like Marni and Versace, but it was still substantial enough to send the hot ticket items into the “Sold Out” category within minutes. And it was my first time doing this.

This is my diary, and some tips on surviving the next one.

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Being Fashionably Bold.

Firstly, this is a very overdue post, for which I’m sure the PR fairies would like to kill me for. Been so overwhelmed with work, that I’ve been passing out the minute I get home everyday for the last month or so. But nonetheless, the show - or in this case, my site - must soldier on! So let me share with you a project I did with Zalora and Blackberry earlier this month.

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If there ever was a brand that could be touted as a true representation of Singapore’s cultures and society, that brand could just be Ong Shunmugam. Founded by Priscilla Shunmugam in 2010, the brand – nearing its second birthday – has captured accolades aplenty for its sensible aesthetics that meld tradition with fit and modernity.

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DIARY: Zouk Wardrobe 2012 presents Blackmarket feat. Joe Chia and AMEN

Since 1999, Zouk’s Wardrobe series has aimed to push budding talents of the local fashion industry out into the spotlights and eyesights of club kids and tastemakers alike. This year, local cult boutique Blackmarket was invited to showcase two brands from their stable of designers, Joe Chia and Amen.

I was asked to choreograph the show, and this is my diary.

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VULTURE MAGAZINE: Beautiful, Dark Matter

About a month or so ago, I started noticing a new name coming up on the pages of my social mediums. Vulture - a name that is arresting, yet reveals nothing about the nature of the content and ideas behind it. 

It was not until I spoke with Editor-in-Chief of Vulture Magazine, Nabil Aliffi, did I learn that the ambiguity was what Vulture stood for.

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Feature: Chloe - Uncomplicated Ease

Every season has its standout shows. This Fall ‘12 was no different. The set designs from Marc Jacob’s eponymous line and his work at Louis Vuitton could inspire a smile from the most jaded of fashion hearts. Everyone swooned for Phoebe Philo’s colour-blocked furs at Céline or Alber Elbaz’s anniversary collection for Lanvin.

Of course I loved these collections as much as the next person. Yet, if I were to pick a collection that should resonate well with the modern woman, it would have to be Claire Waight Kelly’s line for Chloé.

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Feature: May I Suggest A Tie, Sir?

The next time you hear someone behind you offering you a tip on how to knot a tie while you shop at G2000, don’t be surprised if you are greeted by friendly in-house stylists, who are always ready to offer your some suggestions on how to wear the brand’s collections.

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About A War of Words and Worlds

So firstly, why am I writing this? Well, the simple reason being that since the topic of “blogger bashing” (how dramatic it sounds) has taken over the conversations on my Twitter timeline, there’s no better and apt time as now to pen the thoughts I’ve had about this never-ending tussle.

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Weekly Picking: Vita (Upfront)

Weekly Picking - 12 to 18 Aug 2012
Vita (Upfront Models)

Height: 1.81m
Measurements: 32”-24”-35”
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Blonde

Her statuesque height makes her a good runway girl, but her face is just as captivating. Looking like an alien may not sound like a compliment, but for Vita, her features are so beautifully odd. A very linear set of cheekbones juxtapose her wide eyes, set in an enchanting shade of greyish blue.

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